young managerThe OFCA team has broad experience in acquiring on-going projects and transitioning existing workforces.


Upon award of the contract or task order, OFCA will evaluate any work currently being performed and compare it to our assumptions and proposed staffing. Minor adjustments, if necessary, will be made prior to the start of work. OFCA will evaluate existing personnel and attempt to retain those employees, including the CWS, who are performing satisfactorily. However, OFCA is prepared to recruit and train as necessary to have adequate staff in place at the start of the contract. OFCA will advertise, recruit and identify suitable candidates locally and regionally for any open positions to ensure a smooth transition.

OFCA brings to the customers of the Federal Supply Schedule (FSS) Group numbers #36 and 621 the added benefits of committed ownership, twenty (20) years of business experience, a solid management structure, financial resources and stability, and a proven record of success.

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[yt_box style="default" box_color="#333333" radius="0" title="GSA Schedule 621 I" title_color="#ffffff" ] PROFESSIONAL & ALLIED HEALTHCARE STAFFING SERVICES Contract Number: V797P-50522 [/yt_box]

When it comes to technology, FSS customers don't need big and slow. You need a partner who understands cutting-edge technologies, most importantantly, has the resources, experience, and infrastructure to offer solutions and match your needs.

Our management team at OFCA has maintained an entrepreneurial, "can do" attitude, an attitude that permeates our entire organization. As a result, we can organize, mobilize, manage and deliver a customized solution within the General Services Administration (GSA) and Federal Supply Schedule (FSS) contract vehicles.  Our team can offer fast, cost-effective, and seamless contract start up.