OFCA has a staff of certified Web Developers that will work closely with our clients to create a robust website.   We will review our client’s requirements and functional specifications to develop a Site Map to incorporate navigational links.  Once the new web site is agreeable to all parties and stable, the website will be migrated to the chosen production hosting environment. Any related services such as DNS, email hosting, managing and tracking all aspects of your website, blogs, images and text can be provided by OFCA.  

Our Web Management Team will schedule a number of ongoing review points to make sure that the web site is performing correctly and to your expectations and make our clients aware of any new features or facilities that have been added to the website.

Other Features:

INFORMATIONAL - An informational website built by OFCA's web designers and developers functions as a virtual brochure for your company, and serves as a critical marketing tool. Our intuitive, do-it-yourself content management system allows you to update or change your site’s content without the need or expense of a programmer.

INTERACTIVE - In addition to the standard features of our informational websites, we offer interactive components to transform your site into a dynamic business tool. Choose from a variety of optional plug-in accelerators to increase your website’s functionality and enhance user experience.

RESPONSIVE DESIGN - For a website that looks its best on all devices - whether mobile or desktop -  OFCA uses responsive website design technology. Responsive design uses a fluid layout that flexes to fit the size of any screen, reducing the need for visitors to scroll, pan or zoom in order to read your content. Our responsive design can help you put your best foot forward.