Oliver F. Cobb & Associates LLC (OFCA) can provide immediate support with specific expertise, experience, and qualifications. OFCA has successfully transitioned government contracts on time, on schedule and within budget. OFCA provides over 45 cumulative years of workforce transition experience. Team OFCA utilizes proactive workforce development strategies addressing client’s needs one customer at a time by focusing on performance, productivity and profitability.


Oliver F. Cobb & Associates, LLC (OFCA) Corporate Office
2708 Airport Road, Suite 5
Dalton, GA 30721-4563
Phone: 1-877-272-2040 or 706-275-6650
Fax: 706-275-8040
Web address : www.olivercobb.com 

Company Information:

Data Universal Number System (DUNS) Number: 069821531
Cage Code: 1MCY0
State of Incorporation: GA
Business Types: ($7,000,000), 8(a) Graduate (SDB), Minority Owned Business
GSA Federal Supply Schedule Contract Numbers: GS-25F-0063N and VA797D-50522
Business Size: Certified Small and Disadvantaged Business (SDB)

Points of Contacts:

Electronic BusinessFran Cobb(706) 275-6650This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Government BusinessOliver Cobb(706) 275-6650This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 
Business DevelopmentRoderick Cobb, BS(706) 275-6650This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 

GSA Schedules 

gsa contract holder


GSA Schedule 36

Office, Imaging, and Document Solutions

  • Contract #: GS-25F-0063N
  • SIN 51-501 Assessment and Analysis Services
  • SIN 51-503 Education and Training Support
  • SIN 51-504 Records Management Services
  • SIN 733-1 Mail Room Management Services
  • SIN 733-3 Miscellaneous Mail Services


GSA Schedule 621 I

Professional & Allied Healthcare Staffing Services

  • Contract #V797D-50522
  • SIN 025 RN General (Staff-Health Unit/Clinic)
  • SIN 039 Medical Transcriptionist
  • SIN 039 Medical Coders
  • SIN 039 Medical Billing Clerks
  • SIN 039 Medical Assistant (Certified/Registered)
  • SIN 039 Medical Records Technician
  • SIN 039 Medical Records Clerk
  • SIN 051 Pharmacy Tech (Certified)
  • SIN 054 Nurse Practitioner 


PrimaryNAICS CodeDescription

Professional Affiliations

OFCA's professional affiliations allow up-to-date cutting edge technology that provides the latest industry innovations. OFCA strives to remain abreast of the ever-changing standards within the industry, which emphasis being on professional corporate wide and quality control. Our motto is to provide qulaity service, cost effective pricing without compromising quality and customer service.

  • American Health Information Management Association (AHIMA)
  • American Association of Medical Transcriptionist (AAMT)
  • National Underwriters Training Council (NUTC)
  • American Management Association (AMA)
  • American Colleges of Underwriters (ACU)
  • Minority Enterprises Association (MEA)


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  • Oliver F. Cobb & Associates (OFCA) is a minority-owned business providing administrative support services, health care staffing support, warehousing and distribution, program integration, project, documentation, records and information management, survey and risk management services, technical assistance, consulting services, facilitation and training for government agencies, health care facilities and commercial businesses. Our corporate office is located in Dalton, Georgia, which is within a reasonable driving distance of Atlanta. OFCA has had satellite office locations in Atlanta, Cincinnati OH, Keesler MS, Tampa FL, Huntsville AL, and Washington D.C. OFCA was founded in 1986 by Oliver F. Cobb to provide Risk Management services to the carpet industry. In 1999, OFCA was accepted into the Small Business Administration 8(a) Program and continued to diversify its services to provide a wide range of administrative support services to government agencies.
  • Our management plan describes an organization with clear lines of authority and defined roles and responsibilities for supervisors and staff. Reporting procedures have been defined for tracking progress, identifying exposures and concerns, controlling costs, and meeting deadlines. OFCA understands the management controls necessary to ensure: • An innovative, but proven approach to project management • Experienced and capable management personnel • A professional and adequately-staffed workforce • Well-defined lines of communication, authority and responsibility • An effective, efficient and auditable project and cost accounting system • Effective Quality Control monitoring and compliance • An easily-accessible corporate support structure • A "Win-Win-Win" attitude
  • The OFCA team has broad experience in acquiring on-going projects and transitioning existing workforces. Upon award of the contract or task order, OFCA will evaluate any work currently being performed and compare it to our assumptions and proposed staffing. Minor adjustments, if necessary, will be made prior to the start of work. OFCA will evaluate existing personnel and attempt to retain those employees, including the CWS, who are performing satisfactorily. However, OFCA is prepared to recruit and train as necessary to have adequate staff in place at the start of the contract. OFCA will advertise, recruit and identify suitable candidates locally and regionally for any open positions to ensure a smooth transition.
  • Our personnel management approach is designed to minimize employee turnover by providing a positive work environment, excellent benefits and career development counseling and training. We have established procedures for evaluation of personnel that focus on encouraging employee excellence.
  • OFCA implements a Quality Control (QC) Plan specific to each project we manage to ensure that the terms and conditions of all contracts are met and that OFCA provides and maintains the highest quality service. The QC Plan focuses on efficiency, quality of work and performance of staff during the tenure of the project. Customer feedback, both formal and informal, is of paramount importance to our continuing quality improvement program goals.
  • The OFCA team brings to this project extensive experience in providing the range of services requested. We are thoroughly experienced in providing quality management to ensure that the required tasks are performed timely and with the highest quality.
  • OFCA understands and ensures that security and accountability of any keys, combinations and credit cards that are used to control access to government furnished property or ADPE systems that are issued for use under any contract are kept secure. OFCA has a proven Safety Plan that ensures safety of personnel and facilities. All personnel will attend an onsite instructional training class with emphasis on prevention of accidents and injuries.
  • OFCA brings to the customers of the Federal Supply Schedule Group #36 and 621 the added benefits of committed ownership, twenty (20) years of business experience, a solid management structure, financial resources and stability, and a proven record of success.
  • Is OFCA the only partner who can provide management operations and services recommended here to FSS customers? Probably not. However, FSS is looking to develop a relationship with a company who will go farther than the customer’s expectation. You want a company who understands your industry, your business, and the pressures that are driving you to look for solutions. You want to partner with an organization that delivers on the expectations it sets. And you want your vendor to care about the business outcomes you need to achieve when implementing new solutions and work with you to make sure the solutions deliver the results our customers expect.
  • Through a network of specially trained and qualified staff, we bring you expertise that is supported by a global group of industry experts. Our dedicated work ethic, shared knowledge, and proprietary systems allow us to ensure that our solutions will match the specific and discreet needs of our client’s and customer’s operations.
  • How do you grow when you are beyond your competence level or out of your comfort zone? OFCA is the right choice for your growth partner because we have been there and done it ourselves. From small beginnings, we have grown to include a well-rounded staff with diverse expertise. Our varying backgrounds in distribution operational capacities combine to give FSS customers the best of all opportunities. Why, because of where we have been and the extensive experience we've had with our clients, we can verify what normal progression is for your company in your industry. And our proven track record of success means that we can share our experience to shorten the learning curve and increase productivity.
  • OFCA brings you a great deal of industry knowledge and experience because we've worked with all types and sizes of businesses. We understand that different industries have different needs, and the solution you need is not just another procurement for FSS customers to acquire. Having access to the most effective strategies will enhance every area of your day-to-day operations. OFCA will match our considerable resources to meet your unique needs, and we will work with your agency from the beginning to establish a plan to uncover and address ways in which our services can increase your productivity and ensure operations continuity.
  • When it comes to technology, FSS customers don't need big and slow. You need a partner who understands cutting-edge technologies and has the resources, experience, and infrastructure to flex their solutions to match your needs. The management team at OFCA has maintained an entrepreneurial, "can do" attitude, an attitude that permeates our entire organization. As a result, we can organize, manage, and deliver a customized solution within FSS Group Schedule #36 and #621 that's fast, cost-effective, and seamless.
  • One of the differentiators that make OFCA better than our competitors is the team of experts we have assembled. Not only are our team members highly skilled, each of them offers unique and diverse skills that complement the others. Also, each recognizes the importance of the process-oriented methods necessary to ensure consistent quality. As a result, we offer unparalleled diversity and depth of experiences in developing solutions for FSS. And because of our proven track record, we can customize your services, providing FSS customers with the most comprehensive, cost-effective, and strategic solutions.
  • OFCA is recognized throughout the industry as the leader in innovation. Our investments have resulted in the developments that now define industry standards. When you work with us, you have positioned yourself with a firm that not only delivers today but also shapes tomorrow.
  • Do you ever feel like you don't get the response you need regarding management, organizational and business improvement services solutions? Do you feel as though your agency is not getting the attention it deserves? Many corporations providing these services have a lot of resources and administrative costs to support. Therefore, they tend to focus on larger customers because they can make a higher profit. These firms won't turn away your business, but you may not get the focus and attention you deserve. Oliver F. Cobb & Associates, LLC does not have a lot of overhead. No customer is too small for us.
  • When issues concerning management, organizational and business improvement services solutions arise, you need corrective action immediately. As a contractor, we will respond quickly to your concerns. OFCA can provide you with the information you request within a reasonable response time. With our responsiveness, you remain updated and informed about the critical aspects of your operations. As a small company, we provide personalized service and our flexible schedule means we are available when you need us. From a small beginning, we have grown to include a well-rounded staff with diverse expertise. Our varying backgrounds in operational capacities combine to give the FSS users the best of all opportunities. In summary, OFCA is qualified, committed, and ready to provide the resources necessary to efficiently & effectively mobilize, setup, and operate your specialized Project. Thus, making this endeavor a win-win situation for their customers.