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OFCA’s “Management Team” will collaborate and provide oversight at the program, project, and staff levels, most importantly, ensuring responsiveness, seamless contract start-up and transitioning. Core areas of expertise offer Help Desk, Clerical, Administrative, Management, Allied Staffing, Records and Health Information Management. Transition and Implementation consists of program specific tasks and a number of unlimited contract subtasks.

PQP Plan

These activities include, but are not limited to:

  • Ensuring the availability of personnel;
  • Ensuring reporting requirements are committed contract wide;
  • Turnover, cross train staff, prepare for short duration work requirements;
  • Performing quality control surveillance, disseminate monthly narrative of activities;
  • Readily available Subject Matter Experts ability to waver in contract requirements;
  • Ensuring weekly performance monitoring, effective communication with customer;

OFCA has far reaching experience in managing Administrative, Professional Medical Staffing and Health Information related contracts of varying locations, scope, size, complexity and has an established team that offers unsurpassed subject matter expertise and capabilities.

OFCA’s Phase-In Plan includes comprehensive procedures for attaining full contract performance within the time allowed herein. The Phase-In Plan establishes procedures by which Team OFCA is prepared to assume full contract responsibility for all areas of operation.

Personnel, Qualified Staffing and Data Management must be a central focus in any new start-up and will continue to remain priority were it relates to long term project success. OFCA’s Project Quality Plan establishes procedures by which OFCA shall prepare to assume full responsibility for all areas of operation in accordance with the terms and conditions required.

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Team OFCA is equipped and Readily Available to Mobilize, Manage and Operate.