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About GSA

GSA is one of the three central management agencies in the federal government. GSA are headquartered in Washington, DC, and have 11 Regional Offices in Boston, New York, Philadelphia, Atlanta, Chicago, Kansas City, Fort Worth, Denver, San Francisco,  Auburn (Washington), and Washington, DC.

GSA support Federal employees wherever they work--in an office building, a warehouse, a national forest, or a government car. GSA provide workspace, security, furniture, equipment, supplies, tools, computers, and telephones. GSA also provide travel and  transportation services, manage the federal motor vehicle fleet, oversee telecommuting centers and federal child care centers, preserve historic buildings, manage a fine arts program, and develop, advocate, and evaluate government wide policy.

Since 1949, GSA have housed federal workers and provided products and services  to support the important work of government throughout the country. GSA affect almost $66 billion in financial transactions throughout the government. GSA employs about 14,000 people and have an annual budget of approximately $16 billion.

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About GSA Advantage

GSA AdvantageSince its groundbreaking launch in 1995, GSA Advantage! has been the premier online procurement source for Federal Government employees. Today, there are over a million products and services available online - all from GSA stock or scheduled vendors including JWOD and other mandatory sources. GSA Advantage! done the diligence so you can buy in confidence that:

  • You're meeting FAR requirements
  • You're doing right by the taxpayer
  • You're getting your job done just about as efficiently as possible

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